Another major factor involved with running your car will be breakdown. It’s all very well missing a personal engagement because your front ends gone, but standing a client up is a different matter. The main breakdown providers offer a wide range of services for a wide range of prices, so basically its up to you to find what you can afford, or rather what you can afford to do without. As well as for individual cars there are also a wide range of services available for fleet vehicles so again it’s important to find the right breakdown cover to meet your specific business needs. Most of the major breakdown companies offer flexible packages for all types of company vehicles, from motorbikes and trucks to taxis and minibuses and the services are connected to the vehicles that you operate, not the individual drivers. In most cases you will be able to mix and match the services you need. If you have drivers who travel long distances and would like the reassurance of access to a hire car in an emergency, you can pick a level of cover that includes this option, while at the same time choosing a simpler proposition covering basic breakdown assistance for the rest of your fleet. For example, the AA provides two main fleet services, Fleetwide and Fleet Rescue, the former of which offers five levels of cover. The most basic package will fix your car by the roadside and from your home. On the occasions your car cannot be fixed in this way, buying in extra Fleetwide cover means you’ll be taken, along with seven other passengers to one destination within the UK, as well as an options which include an overnight stay and 48 hour car hire. Fleetwide also provides an Accident Management program which aims to take out tall the legal hassle of having an accident or breaking down allowing you time to run your business. For all the options on a fleet of five cars the price comes to roughly £450 a year. Alternatively Fleet Rescue is a Pay-for-use cover scheme. You pay an annual administration fee which, for a fleet of five cars, comes to around £60 a year and tell the AA which of it services you'll require should any of your vehicles break down. Then every time you use the service, you’ll receive an invoice but if you don't have any troulbe, you won't receive any further bills.

The AA’s biggest competitor, the RAC, also provides a similar offer for car fleets, on either a subscription or pay-on-use basis Again these include options transport to any UK destination, claim management and protection when driving across Europe. However there are also plenty of other breakdown companies who offer their own equivalent deals.