The search for the UK’s most creative small business name was launched yesterday.

The campaign, run by small business insurer MORE TH>N BUSINESS, seeks to identify, showcase and reward UK small businesses sporting creative, clever or humorous names. MORE TH>N BUSINESS is calling for nominations, from both customers and businesses themselves, for UK firms that have inventive, memorable and inspiring names. Examples of small businesses that have already impressed MORE TH>N BUSINESS include Brighton-based juice bar Sejuice, Ipswich-based florist Blooming Dales and London fish and chip shop The Codfather, the company revealed. As entrepreneurial spirit thrives in the UK it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to select an original trading name, and thus more important to reward creative endeavour in this field, MORE TH>N BUSINESS said. A creative name plays a huge role in setting a small business apart and getting it noticed, commented Mike Bowman, head of insurance at MORE TH>N BUSINESS. He said: “Small businesses and independent high street retailers may not have massive marketing budgets but this doesn’t mean there is a lack of creative flair. “We know there are brilliant business names out there and we’re appealing to the public to help us find and celebrate them. “History is littered with examples of big companies embarking on expensive renaming projects, only to scrap their new names soon after because they simply failed to capture the imagination of the market.” The winning small business will receive a year’s free insurance with the company, while participants stand a chance of winning a video iPod. Nominations can be made via All entries by July 15 2007.

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