A third of all graduate employees believe their management stifles innovation, a new survey has revealed. According the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) a large proportion of university leavers feel undervalued by senior management, and one in three say their employer has not met expectations. Employers are being warned they must not stop investing in graduate talent despite the current trading conditions. “Graduates have the ambition to drive the UK economy forward, but what we’re hearing is that some employers may be holding them back,” said Mike Hill, chief executive of Graduate Prospects. “There’s no doubt that we’re in an economic recession, so without the lure of fat salaries we need listen to our graduates and learn from employers who run graduate schemes to enable us to better attract and retain talent.” Hill said investment must not stop after the initial recruitment process if the gap between expectation and reality was to be bridged. He added: “If we want our graduates to be the successful business leaders of the future, we must take the process of their growth seriously, developing the talent pipeline and investing in our future.”

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