New technology has made it much easier for travelling executives to stay in touch with the home office via mobile phone and laptop or handheld computer. But to maximise your effectiveness on the road you may need a wider range of services than even the latest in mobile technology can provide – ranging from legal, translation and secretarial services to international courier services, meetings facilities and temporary office space. A wide range of solutions is available.


If such facilities are essential to the success of your trip, the simplest and often the most cost effective solution is to use a major hotel with a full-service business centre which can provide communications, secretarial services, meetings space and ancillary services.

Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce, or a local bilateral Chamber of Commerce dedicated to trade between your home and destination countries can often provide or advise on business services.

Diplomatic representatives

The trade attache at your consulate or embassy may also be able to provide business facilities or advise on where to find services and facilities locally.


Most airports at major European and North American cities have full service business centres with facilities available on a pay-as-you-go basis. These allow you to maximise your work time – check in for your flight, then work right up until boarding is called.

Travel business class or join an airline loyalty scheme to gain access to the facilities offered at executive lounges worldwide.

Hi-tech solutions

You can link with your home office for a full range of business services via e-mail and the web. You can also download translation software, allowing you to translate foreign-language documents into understandable form. If you don't plan on carrying a laptop PC, consider using internet centres or 'cyber cafes' to access such facilities.