A guide to right broadband for your home-based business

broadband at home article

How to know what you need from a broadband provider

The ability to run your own business from home has never been as easy as it is today. Increasingly business owners have moved away from setting up a small office to starting a company from their own home. Classic office space is no longer required to connect to the internet, have company meetings or hold video conferences – this can all be done from the comfort of your own home office.

Now there are dozens of broadband providers out there, so it can be hard to decide who to choose. The following key questions should help you to understand exactly what you need from a provider to run your ‘business base camp’ from home.

How fast does a connection need to be to run an office from home?

One example, Virgin Media are currently offering 30Mb/s fibre-optic connection speed as standard with the option to upgrade to speeds all the way up to a dizzying 100Mb/s.

Now, this is almost infinitely quicker than the old dial-up connections we used to connect to the internet during the 90s. Depending on the amount of devices you need to use for your home business, the faster your broadband needs to be. However, for a small business with less than five or six devices connected to the internet the standard speeds mentioned are plenty.

Will you be able to connect on the move?

The majority of us now have a smart-phone connected to the internet via 3G but this is often slow and unreliable. What if you desperately need access to an email attachment on the way to meet a client and you’re in the middle of nowhere? There’s not a coffee shop offering free wireless and McDonald’s free to use network is down.  Never fear, Virgin Media offer mobile broadband to get connected when you’re out of the office – you can find out more information on this here. Better yet, you can combine this to a customisable broadband package.

What are the other benefits of getting broadband for your home business?

Now mobile and fibre optic broadband is all good and well. You’re connected from your home office; you’re connected out on the road. Why not throw in a home entertainment package for when you finally clock off and move from study into the living room?

You can combine this with your broadband options to give you the optimum amount of benefits. Having your TV and broadband under one provider makes everything simpler and in addition to letting you customise the package to something you’re comfortable with, the end result should be an affordable and effective solution to all your business broadband and home-entertainment needs.

So in short, broadband for your home business doesn’t have to be expensive and the ‘big providers’ have everything you need to get your business up and running from home, as well as getting connected on the road. Combining this with an entertainment package to wind down after a days’ work is easy, customisable and could save you a penny or two.