Another great British summer is upon us and for many businesses this can involve making subtle but important changes to normal operations, from juggling holiday requests to taking on additional staff. Here’s some tips to stay for getting through the rest of the summer Manage summer holidays – finding the balance between letting staff take their holidays and ensuring business operations aren’t disrupted can be a challenge. Encourage staff to finalise their holiday requests as early as possible so you can ensure there is cover in place while they are away. If you need to work out your employees’ leave entitlements, visit If necessary, take advantage of seasonal workers or use a temp agency to recruit for a short period. Simplify documentation – if you are looking to employ extra staff over the summer holidays, there will be relevant admin that you will need to complete, such as new contracts and payslips. However, drafting legally accurate documents doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Free, government-approved online resources can help you save you time and money by helping you draft necessary documents yourself and reduce unnecessary duplication. For example, incorporate all terms and conditions into a contract and you won’t have to produce a written statement of employment as well. For a free online tool to help develop these terms and conditions, visit Keep it legal – maintaining accurate records needn’t be a headache, even when temporarily taking on more staff. For example, accurate payroll records on their own should satisfy the national minimum wage and maximum working hours reporting requirements as well, meaning you don’t have to keep several different types of records. What not to wear – when the weather changes, so possibly will staff wardrobes. Avoid any uncertainty by outlining what the summer dress code is (if any) for your organisation and communicating it to all your employees. Be cool – staff will appreciate a comfortable working environment, so where possible keep windows open or run air conditioning and provide cool drinking water. Increase office morale by holding a summer get-together, after-work drinks, or introduce incentives such as allowing staff to leave an hour early on a Friday to make the most of the summer evenings.

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