Online companies are being told to brace themselves for a storm of customer complaints this Christmas as predicted internet sales threaten to overwhelm delivery services. The warning comes from customer interaction management company, Numero, who claims that customer service departments deal with up to five times the normal amount of emails from consumers during the ten days before Christmas. The high standards set by online businesses over the year only serve to heighten expectations of customers, who then leave it till the last minute to place their Christmas orders, according to Numero. With each online shopper estimated to spend as much as £375 online over the festive season, internet business have been told to expect high levels of disappointment as late-ordered goods fail to arrive before Christmas Day. Yet despite offering online ordering and product delivery, retailers fall ‘short of the mark’ when it comes to customer communication, according to Tim Easton, director of Numero. Online retailers must realise that the website is the front door of the company and poor management of online enquiries is ‘like the door being open for business, but there’s nobody on the front desk,’ said Easton.

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