On average employees lose 70 working days a year due to workplace distractions


UK businesses are losing out on an estimated £250m a year due to unproductive and ‘distracted’ employees, according to a report by the University of Leeds and Samsung Electronics UK.

The report, titled ‘Ahead of the Curve Report’, found that loud talkers (57%), ringing phones (39%), unnecessary meetings (26%) and emails (22%) were the top distractions, with 38% of employees claiming that their workflow is interrupted every 15 minutes in order to check emails.

Other office disruptions cited in the survey included office gossip (16%) and fellow staff members typing loudly (12%).

While office distractions were found to cause significant issues for employee concentration with 22% of flexible workers admitting to being more productive at home, home-based workers also admitted to being distracted.86% of home-based workers confessed that they get side-tracked, with the main distractions cited by respondents being the people they live with (36%), housework (36%), television (27%) and pets (15%).

Graham Long, vice president of Samsung’s Enterprise Business Team, commented on the report:

“Today’s workplace is an ‘always on’ environment and as workers, we are more distracted, and more connected, than ever before.

“The trend for working with more than one desktop display has been growing steadily in the past few years and it’s becoming clear that businesses are increasingly turning to a multi-screen environments to help employees manage their work content more effectively.”