Once you’ve interviewed all the candidates it’s decision time. It's a crucial choice, and rarely an easy one as it often rides on so many factors. There is a temptation to recruit in your own image, going for people who are like yourself because you feel you will get on with them, but it’s important to look for people who can bring different skills to the company.

And if all your notes and marking systems are simply making you more confused, remember that you are employing a person, not a robot. Especially in small companies, they will need to have the right personality to fit in. 

If you don’t find anyone you want to employ, don’t panic. If you can’t find someone who is good enough, then don’t appoint anyone. If you are desperate, get someone in on a short term contract.

Checking references

Once you’ve made the final offer, one job remains – checking the references. There are a number of ways of doing this, either through mail, telephone or in person.
And once they have checked out, that’s it. You can confirm the start date, prepare the forms and relax, happy in the knowledge that you probably won’t have to go through another selection process for at least a while.