Without employees' abilities, effort and talents, a business cannot function. Therefore recruiting staff must be carefully carried out in order to select the right person. An unsuitable member of staff is analogous to a rotten tooth: they can compromise the function of the company and cause much pain and irritation, necessitating a difficult and often costly removal.

When deciding upon the appropriate method of hiring a new member of staff it is important to first define what constitutes a great employee. For example, if the member of staff is to work closely with clients and cooperate with colleagues it is essential that the potential employee has good communication skills and works well with people.

When broaching such an important task it is advisable to select a confident and trusted member of staff to front the recruitment drive. Each potential employee should be interviewed individually in order to gain a broad impression of their communication skills, relevant experience, and suitability.

The following are important considerations when recruiting new staff:

Method of advertising:

  • Local and regional newspapers – the employment sections of newspapers are useful in that people actively seeking employment will be targeted. Also, this is an effective and relatively inexpensive method of making people aware of the company's situation
  • Specialist magazines – by advertising in magazines targeted at and read by those with skills relevant to the position, the recruitment drive can be made more selective, saving both time and money by eliminating those who may not be appropriate for the position
  • The internet – the internet is a far-reaching mode of advertising. Advertising a vacancy with an online recruitment agency can be cost-effective and give you access to candidates outside of your local area.
  • Who do you know? You may already know someone with the skills you require, but they may be working for another company. If you decide to approach them directly, you should be discreet and investigate their current situation thoroughly.

The potential employees

  • Checking references – once the number of applicants has been narrowed down to a select group, it is important to verify the potential employees' credentials to ensure that their past experience is relevant to the post
  • Terms and conditions of employment – it is important that all applicants are fully aware of the nature of the position available, including pay, working hours and employee benefits
  • Commitment – it is advisable to ensure that all potential employees are trustworthy and willing to show commitment to the company