Small businesses are ill-prepared for IT disasters as many do not have continuity plans in place, new research suggests. Research, conducted by IT provider Comtact, shows many small businesses could face serious difficulties if they encountered a major systems error or fell victim to hackers. Also, many small business owners feel their technology doesn’t work well outside the office. Most small businesses (87%) say they have remote IT access and operate a virtual private network (VPN). However, although they acknowledge the benefits of accessing their computer systems when out of the office, 28% say they are not effective. Access to company phones while working from home is another area where employee knowledge is limited, with only 15% using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) via their network. Comtact managing director, Dominic List said: “VoIP is a fantastic technology for small businesses. Skype is generally considered a consumer product, great for saving money but not great on quality or business functionality. “The research showed 52% of small businesses will consider VoIP in the next six months. Making small businesses aware of the possibilities available to them is very important.”

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