If the worst happens and you need to make a claim on your insurance, just how do you go about it?

  1. Before you get on the phone to your insurers you should dig out your policy details to make sure you’re got the appropriate cover for the loss or damage.

  • You will probably have several forms of insurance so you need to decide which policy you’re going to claim under. If you can claim under more than one policy you might want to investigate which has the lowest excess. And do bear in mind the effect a claim could have on next year’s premiums.

  • Once you’ve decided which policy you’re going to claim on then it’s time to call up your insurer and get a claims form. If you simply haven’t got time to fill in insurance forms then most companies let you make a claim over the phone, that way you save time and you will probably have your claim dealt with more quickly.

  • Fill in the form as soon as you can. Bear in mind you may also need to get estimates on replacement and repair costs, together with an estimate of how much revenue you’re likely to lose. If you’ve had to make any emergency repairs keep the receipts and invoices, you may need these as part of your claim. Your insurance company will probably have some kind of emergency helpline to put you in touch with the appropriate tradespeople.

  • If you’ve been a victim of a crime you should also get in touch with the police as soon as possible.