88% of small business employees claim that team bonding events have helped them become closer with fellow workers


Almost a third (32%) of British workers in companies with over 20 employees don’t know the names of all their colleagues, according to research by intotheblue.co.uk.

Respondents who claimed they did not know their colleagues names were then asked why they did not know, with the majority (36%) stating they had not been introduced to everyone, 28% saying they had forgotten, and 22% said that they worked in different departments.

The survey also asked workers what they thought would help to put them on first name terms with colleagues.

Most employees (47%) stated that regular team meetings would be best, with 37% claiming team nights out would help. The next most popular responses were team building events (35%), company charity work (25%) and away days (17%).

Additionally, 37% of those surveyed said they had been on a team building exercise, and 88% that those activities had resulted in a closer knit team.

Jim Maitland of intotheblue.co.uk said:

“It is rather surprising that those who work in such small companies, do not know the names of all of their colleagues, especially when there are those who work in larger organisations and probably know everybody’s name.

“If there is a situation like this, there are certainly ways in which companies can address these issues and the one that stands out for us is team building days.”