With 65 per cent of homes in the UK now fitted with broadband, figures supplied by Ofcom, hundreds of thousands of teleworkers are discovering the benefits of working from home. These include:

• Reduced commuting time
• Better time management
• The ability to multitask and choose priorities
• Being constantly in touch with colleagues via an always-on connection

One of the major benefits of broadband in the home is if you link it to a Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) router,  as it means a dedicated home-office space with wires running all over your home is no longer required, you can simply work anywhere, any time.

Over 90 per cent of desktop PCs now ship with Wi-Fi built-in and it would be unthinkable to buy a laptop, netbook or tablet without having Wi-Fi access. You may also want to choose wireless hubs or routers if you have more than one PC or are using an Apple computer, especially if your home network is running websites and hosting web servers.

But perhaps the most important benefits of home working were revealed in a survey of BT teleworkers (Teleworking at BT – The Environmental and Social Impacts of its Workabout Scheme, by the University of Bradford and the UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development). This revealed that they experienced less stress but had more leisure time as well as increased productivity, lower absenteeism and an improved quality of life.

So, there you are, working from home not only helps your business but is good for you!